Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Liberty Tabletop the only quality flatware in the USA, Liberty Tabletop takes pride in their gorgeous pieces made to benefit the community and the people living in them. By using other USA companies for all services from packaging materials to website designers, they are ensuring that more jobs stay on US soil and help support US companies along the way. Liberty Tabletop adds a patriotic twist into luxury flatware brands, which would make a great gift to anyone starting a new home. 

Style your tabletop with US made flatware that you can be proud to show off during the holiday season or even for a simple home gathering. Tabletop flatware offers various shapes and patterns to choose from! Set the perfect table for a nice dinner for two with their elegant Sheffield pattern, or go for a more contemporary look with their Lexington pattern. Each collection shows off the finishing luster that all Liberty Tabletop flatware are prestigiously known for.  

Add Liberty Tabletop to your registry, and be able to give the gift of mood setting with luxurious USA made flatware!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Favorites Feature!

We all know what we want, and letting those closest to us know can be easier than you think! With our new Favorites feature, you can indicate which gifts you REALLY want by highlighting certain items on your list as a “FAVORITE”. Monitor what your family and friends are buying your children by letting them know exactly what your kids want or need. Avoid those awkward gift giving moments we all experience every year. Your family and friends will no longer have to guess what to buy you and will really love how easy their holiday shopping for you will be. 

Make this gift giving season hassle free for you and your guests, and create a HOLIDAY WISH LIST TODAY!

Happy Holidays! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Feature Alert: Multiple Registries



Have you heard? We have a great new feature that makes creating a Holiday Wish List irresistible! Now, you are able to add a Holiday Wish List to your current account with our new Multiple Registries’ feature. Keep your Wedding registry just as it is, and add a Holiday Wish List to your account to make sure you get the prefect gifts this holiday season. Both accounts can be managed together under the same login. Use your Holiday Wish List for the whole family and add items from any store in the world!


Happy Holidays!



Friday, November 21, 2014

Belle & June

Belle and June is an online boutique that makes beautiful, unique items easily accessible to the general customer. They believe that when you enter your home, you should step in to a space that welcomes and relaxes, as well as portray its own distinct character. Your space, your rules, and of course … your style! When it comes to home decor, Belle and June believes your home’s character and style is a reflection of you and your lifestyle. Belle and June you will find an amazingly eclectic collection showcasing everything from waste baskets, unique vases, flower pots, cozy throws, vintage wall clocks, to tabletop lighting and even children’s accessories. No need for extravagant home remodeling when something as simple as a carefully picked wall hanging can add a whole new dimension to your living room. a little inspiration? Check out Jordan’s Picks to 
view their personal, hand selected favorites like the classic Mother of Pearl Square Tray to add a little pizzazz to any table top. Add the Lambeth Bar Set to your registry for a practical, yet chic addition to your home bar!

Belle and June has carefully chosen artisans and vendors known for
hand craftsmanship, quality and style. Their quality selections will bring beauty, harmony and creativity to any room in your home. Start browsing and adding to your registry from their vast collection now! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Boll & Branch

One of the key factors to living a healthy life is getting plenty of sleep. What most people don’t know is that their sheets have a major impact on the quality of your nightly slumber. Boll and Branch is here to make sure your bed is covered with only the finest sheets and softest throws at an affordable price!
Three major reasons why we love Boll and Branch:

  1. They are all about fair prices! Their Cost Per Wear insures that you are getting more bang for your buck. Over a 5 year life span, you will end up paying less for your Boll and Branch sheets than the discount or Luxury retailers, which are known for their markups. To keep their prices low, Boll and Branch sells directly to their consumers, skipping over the middle men and any marketing decoy.

    It is a known problem that the textile industry is full of horribly paid and abused workers. Boll and Branch is dedicated to making a difference in the industry by providing a safe and fair working environment for their treasured workers. They stress that their facilities are child-free and their sheets are crafted by well paid adults in an ‘above-standard’ working environment.

  1. Having one of the most crisp and soft sheets around only comes from a product that is made out of the best materials you can find! Boll and Branch hand picks their organic cotton to obtain the softest, cleanest and most durable cotton for their handcrafted products. Plus, they give you a 30 day Sleep trial to test out their product. If you are not 100% satisfied, they offer you a full refund. 
Boll and Branch strives to bring you luxury sheets at ‘revolutionary’ prices, while maintaining an organic policy to their products, created by well paid adults in a safe environment. Adding Boll and Branch items to your registry will insure that you will  enjoy an amazing nights sleep knowing that your sheets were morally crafted with some of the best materials Boll and Branch could find.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Club W

Club W is so much more than a Wine club. Not everyone who enjoys wine is a connoisseur, so Club W is here to make your wine journey hassle free, and at an affordable price! They are made up of several wine enthusiasts that have created a simple way for you to enjoy a great bottle of wine, without all of the guesswork. To get started, you complete three easy steps, including creating your personal Palette Profile by answering a series of taste questions. They ask you different questions about your personal preference of certain foods in order to offer personalized recommendations for your specific palette. After that, the hard part is over! Now these recommended wines will be shipped to your front door so you may enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Club W is one of the top wine clubs in the nation. They are a global winery that makes amazing wine at great prices! By creating and distributing wine from their vineyard to your front door, Club W has taken out the middlemen, retailers, and importers to provide you with unbeatable prices.

“Learning about wine should be fun, not overbearing or pretentious.” Club W believes that choosing a wine should be like a quest of experiencing and discovering what you like. Add a subscription to Club W to your registry and enjoy your guest’s gift for months to come!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gibson USA

Gibson is the leading housewares manufacturer in the world, affording them the ability to define the cutting edge of taste, style, craftsmanship, customer service, operations, customization, and innovation. With worldwide presence and extraordinary customer service, they leave a lasting impression on their consumers. Compiled of several brands, Gibson products are versatile in style, offering the perfect tabletop for any home decor.

Isaac Mizrahi Dot Luxe 16 piece set
Elite Tequesta 16 piece Square set

Gibson features fun designs like the Isaac Mizrahi Dot Luxe 16 piece set in Navy. This durable and elegant set comes in a variety of other gorgeous patterns like Orange, Chartreuse, or Teal. You will also find brilliantly colored, artistic sets like the Elite Tequesta 16 piece Square set in Taupe. Whatever you choose from Gibson, your tabletop will stand out from a sea of plain white porcelain plates, and radiate elegance at your dinner parties.
 One of Gibson's more popular collections is Nambe, which embraces the rustic and earthy tones of nature. The Nambe Butterfly Ii Marble 4 piece place setting in Espresso forges an intricate image of sand dunes in a classic marble pattern.
With over 35 years of experience, Gibson knows that people make the difference. There is no customer they won't bend over backwards for to please with customer service and customizations. Personalize your dinnerware with the monogram option and add a tinge of intimacy to your registry. Your guests will be thrilled to give you a memorable gift which will be put to good use for years to come. 

Monday, August 18, 2014
Instagram picture from cardwellmichael

Keeping within a budget for a wedding is important! If you are anything like Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June, the Coupon Queen, you love a great bargain! You’ve heard that you have to dish out the big bucks in order to obtain a stylish wedding dress, which usually ends up costing well over $2,000.
What if we told you that you didn’t have to break the bank to look great on your BIG DAY! offers amazing wedding dresses for under $300!
One of their beautiful silk pieces was featured this past week on ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’, when Anna tied the knot! is known for their gorgeous gowns for any occasion at great budget conscious prices. 

Check out our ‘Inspiration Board’ filled with elegant wedding dresses under $300 that will excite your thrifty spirit!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Best Bridal Gift’s pretty obvious that you can’t keep your dress in perfect shape throughout your entire wedding day - especially after your epic reception. realizes that accidents will happen and caution is thrown to the wind; after all, it’s your day and you want to enjoy yourself!  That’s why they offer a great way to restore your dress into its original unworn version of itself.

With 50 years experience, your gown couldn't be in better hands! has created a quick and hassle-free process to maintain the wedding day glow of your dress! Once you order your Lifetime Preservation package, you will receive the redemption kit with all the materials you need to carefully box and ship your wedding dress to the Best Bridal Gift facility. They know how much your dress means to you - when they ship it, they insure your dress for up to $20,000! You can track the entire process online. arrival to the Best Bridal Gift facility, your gown will go through a series of different processes including stain & spot removal and gentle dry cleaning. It will also be checked to see if it needs any repairs. When the dress looks as good as new, it goes to the “White Glove Preservation Station,” where it will carefully be placed into a museum window, acid-free preservation box.  The dress is then shipped back to you in a crush-proof, water-proof box. is the first wedding dress preservation company to add a registry to their services. After the expense and time spent choosing the perfect gown, let keep it looking like you just put it on for the first time!  It’s literally the best gift you could add to your registry!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Matteo is one of the few bed linen companies that use the modern technique of Garment dying to ensure top quality and that unique, softer hand-feel of your bedding. All of their products are actually dyed to order in the city of angels, Los Angeles. They first cut and sew their pieces before they individually dye them with ‘low impact’ dyes, followed by personally inspecting and packaging the pieces for you. Matteo’s bedding line is known for creating the coziest of sleeping experiences! From their choices of serene colors, to the touch of luxurious fabrics they use from leading fabric mills all over the world, Matteo combines centuries of cultivating wisdom to their day to day technique.

Matteo's pieces are timeless. Add to your registry a Vintage Linen Duvet Cover that will keep you warm in the summer while your AC blasts crisp, cool air throughout your home. Or prepare for the cold nights of the winter with their fluffy Knot Throw.

Matteo also offers various items like bath, table, and even apparel. Their attention to detail shows in their pieces, like their Folk Tablecloth. The embroidered corners will give your dining room table an essence of natural beauty inspired by Norwegian embroidery techniques.

Matteo is the industry leader in garment-dyed bed linens with a vision statement that boasts, "Crafting products to help people feel better, creating jobs to help people work better, building communities to help people live better." Head over to their site now and add their wonderfully unique and simple, vintage wash sheets that are exclusively distributed to specialty stores and selected interior designers.